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Professional Danbury Movers

Professional Danbury Movers

Posted on Oct 19, 2017

When choosing Danbury moving companies, it can be difficult to know who is the best. There are companies that swoop in during peak moving times, hoping to take advantage of others, as well as individuals with less than stellar track records who present themselves as professional movers. One of the easiest ways to tell if a company is legit and genuinely takes care of its customers is to look at reviews from real customers. At Braun Moving, we work hard to ensure our clients are happy and we’re proud to display their feedback on our site.

How to Recognize a Good Company Based on Reviews

As you look through the reviews, keep an eye out for a few specific things.

Overall Positive Ratings: It probably goes without saying, but the overall review score is very important. In our case, it’s 5-star ratings across the board.

Constantly Positive Ratings: Many businesses struggle with consistency, but if their ratings are all over the place, you never know what kind of service you’ll receive. Providing a great experience is something we’re passionate about, and that is reflected in the consistent ratings we receive.

A Long Track Record: It’s always important to choose a company that has been in business for a long time because that means they likely take good care of their customers. When the positive reviews stretch back several years as ours do, it indicates that the company’s culture is strong and that employees have been acting upon solid values for a long time, so you know that you’ll get good service, too.

Specific Remarks: As you look through our reviews, it’s easy to see that our customers are genuine and they rave. They leave very specific remarks about how we wowed them.  You’ll see lots of people using phrases like “on time” and “prompt,” as well as words like “professional,” “courteous,” and “friendly.”

Names: In this day and age, people are so busy that they rarely know who had helped them. Sometimes people will give a physical description of the person that helped them if they remember that they were treated well, but when a person remembers a name and uses it in a review, that really says they made an impression. You’ll get a good feeling for who our staff members are and what each person does, just by reading through our reviews.

Transparency is rare in any industry, but it’s exceedingly rare in the moving industry. However, we have always put our customers first, and we’re not only ok showing people what our customers say, but we’re also proud of how they talk about us. If you’d like the help of an established and customer-focused company for your next move, get a quote from us today.

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